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Provides vertical support for the rainscreen system and a fixing point for transom carrier rails, while helping to lock the insulation layer in place.
The mullion is a T-profiled rail in high-grade 6063 T6 aluminium.

technical gains

  • Low weight, high strength
  • Designed for up to 1,200mm bracket centres
  • Fabricated in 6063 grade T6 aluminium
  • Serrations allow for vertical and horizontal adjustment on site with helping hand clips on main bracket
Code Description Bracket Centres Drawing
RNS-TR-A-6000-52 52mm projection, 6,000mm length
700mm, up to 3.6kN per m2*
RST 52


RNS-TR-A-6000-82 82mm projection, 6,000mm length 1,200mm, up to 3.6kN per m2* rst 82

* Calculations taken from mid-point. Project-specific variables can affect load bearing calculations.

Class-leading rainscreen cladding