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Careful project planning is a vital part of the Maple service ― getting the right product on site at the right time.  However, with decades of experience in the construction industry, we also know that Maple is only ever one cog in a much larger wheel. Today’s complex construction projects involve large and varied teams of people and companies.  So as well as making sure the design, manufacture and installation of our own products goes as smoothly as possible, our dedicated project management team also liaises closely with other contractors and site managers to ensure an effective, coordinated process.

Progress tracking

Because every project involves a large variety of people and companies, the tracking of each stage is essential. We monitor progress at every milestone to ensure projects are running efficiently and on time.

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Our Diamond Route programme is designed to manage the complete project, from concept to final installation. It’s a process, document control, and communication framework for even the most complex solar shading installations.

Furthermore, as a family-run company, we endeavour to retain traditional values. Our friendly and approachable team is always happy to help and answer any questions.

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Jobs completed with precision

Although speed is important, we give special attention to quality and precision. All our products and operating processes are accredited to the highest standards for quality, health and safety, and environmental management.

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