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Maple are attending the Zak World of Façades international conference

Posted by Alfie Newton on 17/07/2018, 15:56
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One of the UK's leading solar shading and screening companies is taking part in an invitation-only, international conference on façade design and engineering.

Maple Sunscreening are attending Zak World of Façades at London's Hilton on Park Lane in October. The event is one of a global series that has already travelled to Sydney, Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Paris this year.

As one of the event's partners, Maple will be exhibiting to some of the industry's leading stakeholders and sharing the latest innovations with developers and architects.

Maple director Sean McGrath said: "This is one of the most important events for our industry and we're privileged to be involved."

"Around the world, the interest in façade design and engineering is growing as architects and specifiers recognise its aesthetic as well as practical benefits."

The success of Zak World of Façades (more than 15,000 delegates over 44 separate events) is evidence of the growing interest in façade design and engineering.

Click here to register your interest.


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