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Maple's bespoke architectural façade system revitalises Harrogate's West Park car park

Posted by Alfie Newton on 27/06/18 11:27

Maple have completed a project with Harrogate Borough Council to revitalise a tired 1970s multi-storey.

We were commissioned to supply and install a bespoke façade system to the unsightly concrete building at West Park. The project involved close collaboration with architects and contractors to finalise a design that gave the building a ‘modern look’.

We incorporated solid colour coated panels, perforated panels, expanded mesh and brise soleil on the 10-storey building as part of a £1m upgrade that also included a new roof and lighting, and structural repairs to the concrete.

“The car park served us well, but was showing signs of age,” said Councillor Phil Ireland, Harrogate Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Sustainable Transport. “The works will fix problems and give it a new, modern look that will improve the experience for all users.”


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