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Maple make a marque at new VW showroom

Posted by Keely Beech on 13/11/20 16:00
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Maple’s perforated louvred panels create a huge VW logo on the side of a new Brentford showroom.

And while a striking ‘green’ wall is the first thing visitors may notice at the west London dealership, Maple’s contribution is no less impressive.
Nearly 500 louvres have been designed, manufactured, tested and installed to form the iconic marque – made up of millimetre-perfect perforations.
The design wouldn’t have been possible without close collaboration between Maple and living wall specialists ANS. 
While ANS created the ultimate in environmentally friendly façades, we installed louvres that were equally sustainable in their own right. Using low-impact materials, the louvres improve ventilation, keep out the elements and help the building be more efficient.
Since being completed, the four-storey green wall has gradually brought the building to life. However, Maple’s louvred panels, which create a seamless link between engineering and nature – and promote the VW brand - have bloomed since day one.


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