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Maple install expanded mesh panels for £12m upgrade and refurbishment of Rotherham Interchange.

Posted by David Carroll on 04/07/19 09:18

Maple have been rated nine out of ten and ‘absolutely superb’ by the main contractor on a challenging car park project.

We installed expanded mesh panels for the £12m upgrade and refurbishment of the Rotherham Interchange.
Supplied by Spanish metal experts IMAR, the anodised bronze panels have transformed the bus station and car park into a striking landmark. But it’s the role Maple played in helping the project run smoothly that most impressed Interserve.
“Maple really stood out on site as being one of the best subcontractors working on the project.” said Interserve’s site manager, Frazer Robertson. “They went above and beyond to help – nothing was too much trouble.”
The biggest challenge on the project was one of logistics. Access was poor, site storage non-existent, multiple contractors were involved, and busy local roads needed to be kept open. Perhaps it was no surprise therefore that Interserve’s Logistics Manager, Charles Thornton, was heavily involved.
“My role is predominantly working with the sub-contractors, managing and coordinating the goods that come to site. We have a comprehensive community engagement policy to ensure everyone’s safety and minimise disruption to local residents and businesses.”
Acknowledging that a combined procurement and logistics role is still not common in the construction industry, Charles added: “It’s about getting sub-contractors to buy into a logistics approach, and Maple did.
“Acknowledging that effective logistics management has now become a key focus in the running of today’s more complex construction projects, Maple worked very closely with us in order to help deliver our objectives.”
We employed a just-in-time approach to ensure that the arrival of materials, equipment and installers on site aligned with the overall project schedule. As a result, Interserve rated our project management nine out of ten – with the same score for communication, compliance, meeting deadlines and our overall expertise in façade design.


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