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Maple's vertical fin climate façade has dual purpose at Manchester's Proton Beam Therapy Centre

Posted by David Carroll on 16/11/17 20:55

Vertical fins serve a practical and aesthetic purpose at a state-of-the-art therapy centre in Manchester.

Maple installed solar shading at the new Proton Beam Therapy Centre built by the Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

The new centre uses an advanced and innovative form of radiotherapy to treat some of the most complex forms of cancer, particularly among children.

While the proton technology is housed in the heart of the building, architects HKS wanted to create warm and inviting public spaces to reduce fear and anxiety, with natural daylight being a priority.

Maple’s vertical fin solar shading solution lets in light but reduces heat and glare from direct sunlight. But they also have a design impact, as the architects have said they wanted to use the striking fin design to announce the centre’s importance to passers-by.

The 80mm deep fins, were designed to incorporate a perforation pattern, were manufactured in various heights. A total of 20 ― at nearly 8m high ― were installed in a 24m run across the west elevation. 


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