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Maple’s latest rainscreen project will take your breath away

Posted by Jake Dunn on 17/08/21 13:53
Oxygen towers feature image

The clue is in the name. Oxygen is set to be Maple’s highest-ever project. 

We’re almost finished installing rainscreen cladding and expanded mesh panels to Manchester’s latest skyscraper. 
At 109m high, the 32-storey apartment building in New Islington will make a dramatic impact on the city skyline... and Maple’s façade will play a big part. 
More than 2,700 sq m of Rainspan cladding will create a weathertight building envelope, with expanded mesh panels on top providing texture and visual interest. 
However, the perfect finished product belies the many challenges Maple had to overcome to turn the architect’s vision into buildable reality. 
Long before we arrived on site, our design team led a collaborative pre-construction phase that focused on the impact of wind load on the panels and fixings, and the dangers of working at height. 
“We had to develop innovative, pre-fabricated panels with special extrusions to make the installation as efficient as possible while working at considerable height,” said Maple’s Head of Design & Pre-construction, Adam Jones. 
“And, of course, we put in place special measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the project.” 


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Download our rainscreen cladding brochure

Our class-leading rainscreen cladding system is designed for strength, performance and installation efficiency.

As well as meeting BS8414:2 2020 standards, the system design (from substructure to facing panels) has been tested for strength and undergone finite element analysis to offer superior performance

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