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Maple put best foot forward for rooftop plant screen in Manchester

Posted by Alfie Newton on 09/11/18 14:54
Hulme District Office

Manchester City Council are refurbishing a 1960s building in Hulme to create a district office.

Part of the plans involve a rooftop plant screen ― which is where Maple came in.

But how do you secure louvred panels on the top of a building without damaging the integrity of the existing roof? And if you choose a free-standing system, how do you stop it blowing away?

To overcome the big challenges, we found a big solution ― the Big Foot system for non-penetrative rooftop support. A series of specially designed pads support our louvred panels, and the combination of their wide footprint and extra ballast ensure our plant screen is there for keeps.

The louvred plant screen, measuring around 50 sq m, is built on three sides against an existing wall and protects machinery and equipment vital to the running of the building.

When complete, the Council’s district office ― formerly a library, adult education centre, creche, café and homeless shelter ― will provide more than 2,000 sq m of office space, interview rooms and a modern reception.


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