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Maple's guide to choosing the right coating for architectural façades

Posted by Alfie Newton on 21/06/18 10:44

Here at Maple, we recognise that choosing the coating for a solar shading system is probably not top of the list for architects and specifiers.

But whether you’re planning to install louvres, brise soleil or an architectural façade, getting it right can increase durability, reduce costs and improve the look of the project.

Here are four things we believe you should be thinking about.

• Aesthetics or function? Or both?
• Does the proposed coating suit local weather conditions?
• How will the design concept affect the final colour?
• Are there specific material or branding considerations?

Let’s take a look at things in more detail.

Aesthetics or function?
Choosing bright colours can result in more solar glare ― bad news if the purpose of the system is to block the sun’s rays. At Maple, we help clients find the best balance between looks and functionality. That might include adjusting the angle of the louvre (typically 45 degrees), installing vertical blades or using non-reflective finishes. Sometimes, a motorised louvre system is the best option for solar shading performance.

Local weather conditions
North or south-facing? Inland or seaside location? Sunny south or rainy west? These are all factors that will affect the durability of a façade system. Maple’s specialists will always consider local conditions and recommend coatings that take account of higher salt or acid rain concentrations, or blazing sun. Choose the right product for the right place, and some of our coating options can last for up to 40 years.

The design concept
When a project involves long spans, complex curves or large areas of perforation, perceived colour variation can provide an aesthetic challenge. Visible fixings and thermal-break brackets also need to be taken into account ― all before the complicated business of fabrication and powder-coating. At Maple, we work closely with architects and clients to consider all design implications and use more than 30 years’ experience to get it right.

Materials and branding
Specialist coatings have come a very long way. Today’s ‘wood’ doesn’t need to be natural wood, fashionable rusty steel can be achieved with a powder-coating, and the range of textures and finishes is endless. Our experts are committed to helping architects find more sustainable, cost-effective and long-lasting alternatives to traditional materials ― as well as reinforcing clients’ brands with accurately matched colours, bespoke designs and clever use of perforation.

For more information about Maple’s coating solutions, get in touch with our project consultants today.


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Maple has delivered solar shading projects throughout the UK including architectural façades, brise soleil, climate façades, louvres and plant screens. To see more projects and find out what makes Maple different, download our showcase brochure.

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