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Maple made and installed expanded mesh architectural façades for Hull's Bonus Arena car park

Posted by Alfie Newton on 29-Jun-2018 10:16:00

Hull Venue Car Park, Hull

We have completed work at Hull’s striking new music and events complex ― named this week as the Bonus Arena.

The new 3,500 capacity venue will open in July to claims that it creates a new ‘modern landmark’ for the city. Our work to help rebuild the existing multi-storey car park in neighbouring Osborne Street has, therefore, taken on extra significance.

Working with AFL Architects and contractors BAM, we manufactured and installed expanded mesh architectural façades to the north and west sides of the car park. Not only will the façades shield the interior of the car park from the extremes of wind and rain, the design will help ensure the car park is a suitable supporting act for the main arena.

The Bonus Arena will allow the city to attract large conferences and exhibitions as well as major concerts and sporting events. Early performances will include Van Morrison, George Ezra and Strictly Come Dancing Live.


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