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Posted by David Carroll on 08/11/19 09:35
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When it comes to the design process, Maple’s approach is ACE. However, being Accurate, Considered and Effective was never about creating a clever acronym.

Instead, as Managing Director Sean McGrath explains, these qualities have been at the heart of Maple’s approach since the company was founded in 1983. “Maple’s people and products are all of these things,” he said.
  •  “We’re accurate, and care that all things are true and correct.
  •  “We’re considered and think everything through, and put ourselves in other people’s shoes.
  •  “And we’re effective – we’re here to achieve the best possible results for ourselves and our clients.”
Sean added: “As part of our commitment to business improvement, everything we do has those principles in mind. 

“It all starts with design – we’ve never been the type of company that simply takes an order and manufactures it. Because every project is different, we take time to understand the requirements, and the unique constraints and circumstances.
“Collaboration is the most critical thing... with architects, contractors, clients, developers and all trades. 
“No matter how experienced these stakeholders are, Maple has more than 35 years’ knowledge of designing, manufacturing and installing architectural façades and solar screening systems. So, by getting our design team involved at the very start, we can provide the confidence and the peace of mind that the project will be delivered as expected.”
Acknowledging that architects are taking an increasingly hands-on role in design and build projects, Sean added:
“I see Maple making an important contribution to this process – to help ensure a ‘deliverable’ end product that is as efficient as possible to procure, manufacture and install, and ensure client satisfaction.
“Our ACE principles are all about being a safe pair of hands; about ensuring everyone who does business with us gets the same level of consistent service – no matter how much the company grows
“But they are also foundations on which we advance our skills and technical abilities, to maintain our standard and retain our edge.”


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Maple has delivered solar shading projects throughout the UK including architectural façades, brise soleil, climate façades, louvres and plant screens. To see more projects and find out what makes Maple different, download our showcase brochure.


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