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Maple supply and install 300 roller blinds for AA's expanded base in West Midlands

Posted by Alfie Newton on 21/08/18 09:44
AA Oldbury-022765-edited

We’re supplying and installing more than 300 roller blinds at the AA’s expanded base in the West Midlands.

The car breakdown and motoring services company is taking over all of the building it previously shared with other companies in Oldbury. When complete, the building will house the AA’s call centre and operations departments.

As well as making the Oldbury location a ‘centre of excellence’, the company is committed to making it comfortable for more than 600 staff who will be based there.

Maple will supply 316 window blinds from our Ultra System to provide protection from direct sunlight and glare. The manual, chain-operated blinds will be finished in a light grey, ‘dim-out’ fabric to provide 97% efficiency when closed.


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