Maple Prototype & Sampling Service

Maple Prototype & Sampling Service

Seeing products for real ― no more nasty surprises

Maple Prototype & Sampling Service

The construction industry has typically relied on detailed drawings, architects’ impressions and material swatches to show how features will look on a finished building.

But it’s far from ideal ― and even the introduction of 3D visualisation falls short of the ‘real thing’.

At Maple, we’ve solved the problem by creating a dedicated prototype area at our Stockport production facility. Actual size, fully fabricated panels, louvres and components are displayed just as they would look on the finished building.

It’s a natural extension to our sampling service, which allows architects, contractors, clients and planners to see powder coating finishes and RAL colour matches in advance of production.

Peace of mind
Visitors can get a feel for the construction, finish and colour of the prototype in our factory, and continue conversations with colleagues in our break-out area ― without going near a building site.

The service provides peace of mind and allows us to make changes to the specification without it having a major impact on timings or budget.

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